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July 8, 2010

Coffee Talk - Analytics in Retail Banking

Marketelligent CEO - Roy Cherian and Head of Analytics - Anunay Gupta will be holding a coffee talk on Analytics in Retail Banking July 28 and 29 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Risk Analytics
  •     Customer Acquisitions: Approval and conversion scorecards.  Acquiring for profits
  •     Pricing: Predictive risk scorecards; Risk-based pricing
  •     Credit Line Management: Initial credit lines; ongoing credit line management
  •     Collections: delinquency management; maximizing collection ROI

Marketing Analytics
  •     Marketing $ optimization: optimizing investments across channels and products
  •     Customer segmentation: value-based segmentation
  •     Customer Lifetime Value: concept of a forward-looking customer lifetime value and its relevance to Banking
  •     Cross-selling: enhancing loyalty and engagement by targeted cross-selling