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October 4, 2010

Analytics in Action

Case studies not only showcase how we work in real business scenarios, but also help one understand the process behind what we do and how we go about addressing the business problem. 

A few case studies illustrating how Marketelligent has helped various business situations in the CPG/Retail, Banking and Media domain are illustrated. These are real life case studies based on direct experience from projects led by Marketelligent team members. Though the case studies are for specific industries, related principles can be adapted and applied across industries

How Marketelligent helped a Lender lower its Default Rates
How Marketelligent helped a Bank retain its Profitable Assets
How Marketelligent helped a Card Issuer Combat Transaction Fraud
How Marketelligent helped an Auto OEM identify 'Hot' Leads
How Marketelligent helped a US Manufacturer Improve Demand Forecasts
How Marketelligent Helped A Leading Alcobev Manufacturer Forecast Sales
How Marketelligent Helped A Leading OTC Manufacturer Track Market Development
How Marketelligent helped a CPG Company optimize its Media Planning