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February 25, 2012

Marketelligent launches SocialFellas - a Social Media Intelligence Platform

Marketelligent announces the launch of SocialFellas, a social media intelligence platform for social media monitoring and customer engagement.

 The world today is experiencing a social media revolution, and increasingly an age of digital relationships between brands and its consumers. With ease of accessing the internet, people are communicating online about businesses, products and brands 24X7, and this is creating tremendous amounts of data and ample opportunities to manage and influence perceptions. SocialFellas helps you make sense of all this by providing real time access to social media conversations across the digital space on one simple-to-use platform. SocialFellas will transform the way you understand and engage with your customers on the web.

 Key features of SocialFellas:
1. Brand Monitoring: Add relevant keywords to dig out valuable insights from social mentions about your brand
 2. Influencer Monitoring: Identify key influencers for the brands based on their propensity to influence others on the web
3. Competitive Intelligence: Compare your brand presence vis-à-vis key competitors
4. Campaign Management: Integrated approach to campaign management by managing campaigns across channel and tracking their performance real time
 5. Engagement Console: Provides scope for one-to-one interaction with your customers across the web 

“SocialFellas distinguishes itself from other products in the social media analytics arena on 3 counts:enables a quick set-up, provides a single dashboard for monitoring brand performance across the web, and a well-equipped team for doing customized analysis to answer business questions.” – says Roy K. Cherian, CEO and Co-Founder, Marketelligent.

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