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May 31, 2012

Data Visualization

It looks like everyone loves experimenting with the latest in Business Intelligence (BI) Products. We have Business Objects and Cognos – the powerhouses of enterprise-wide BI platforms.  And more often than not, the CTO signed off on these multi-million dollar implementation solutions, only to see partial utilization by the rank and file.  These platforms are basically backward looking - telling Managers what had already happened.  More recently, platforms like Tableau, Spotfire and Qlikview have taken center-stage.  Their ability to do drill down on the fly along with the promise of quick implementation makes them more appealing. Corporations are forever being sold such packaged BI solutions that promise to deliver the moon. And many have taken the bait.

However we regularly come across Clients who somehow still see a gap, and want to get more customized and easy-to-use reports; that are rich in insights and visuals.  To this end, I think that none of the existing off-the-shelf BI solutions - large and small - meet the requirements.  A few of them come close to providing this capability, but however get a bit too complex for Senior Managers to use (who often have no time to learn new packages, or detest coding). As such, there exists a clear need for someone to fill this gap and provide a BI-like service.

We have always felt that a service wrapped around a simple and customizable BI solution is the need of the hour.  As such, please refer these simple illustrations : Demo1 and Demo2. They give you quick insights, and allow for insights discovery in a manner customized to your needs.  Most likely, you will also find them very appealing.